Early Education / Elementary Program               July 5 – July 28 (4 days/week, Monday – Thursday) 

(Hours: 8:15am-11:45am)


Secondary Program                                          July 5 – July 28 (4 days/week, Monday – Thursday)

(Hours: 8:15am-1:45pm


Date:                                        January 21, 2022



Announcement:                       Conditional contracts will be offered for the following summer school position. Final decisions will be dependent upon enrollments. All candidates for the following positions must hold appropriate Connecticut Certification.



Hourly Rate:                            $38.00 per hour (Special Education Teachers)




Positions:                                Special Education Teachers (Numbers based on enrollment)


Criteria for selection of summer school staff:


  1. Appropriate certification and experience for level and subject area.
  2. Knowledge of subject matter and curriculum for position. Grade level or subject area experience preferred.
  3. Interviews may be required for position.


Closing Date:                           March 11, 2022